5 Common Signs Of A Gas Leak In Your Home

You must pay attention to the Signs Of A Gas Leak in your home or nearby areas. LPG is one of the most useful fuels right now. Such is the necessity of it that you can find it in every household regardless of the financial condition of the house. There are underground and above ground connections in every household in the most part of the world. As these gases are super flammable and the pipes get corroded, the chances of mishappening are always there. For that, you should be extra cautious and take every precaution into consideration.

Even the small leaks can be deadly and deteriorate heavily. As some gas leaks are so minor, you won’t get to know about it if you don’t pay enough attention. You should always be attentive when it comes to gas. In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 common signs of a gas leak in your home. 

Common Signs Of A Gas Leak
Common Signs Of A Gas Leak

5 Signs Of A Gas Leak You Must Know

  1. Dying Plants – Gas lines are generally underneath the soil. Due to that, the chances of noticing any leak with naked eyes are so unusual. As gas leaks are toxic, you may find dying or dead plants in your home if there’s any leak. 
  2. Hissing Sound – The hissing sound near gas lines is one of the most common indicators of the gas leak in your house. If there’s a hissing sound, it means that there’s not just a minor leak. If that’s the case, turn off the system and call a gas plumber from Plumbing Gordon company and get it checked/fixed. 
  3. Egg smell – To make natural gas and propane gas distinct in smell, utility companies often add an additive to make it strong-smelling gas like rotten eggs. If you sense any rotten eggs or sulphur smell in or near your house, call gas plumbers easily. 
  4. Small Bubbles – To check if there’s any leak, you must try a bubble test. To carry out the task, first, add liquid dish soap in a large bucket of water. Turn on your gas and wipe down the area of leak you suspect with a wet cloth or sponge. If there’s any leak, you may see bubbles forming on the surface. This test is usually for such times when you’re suspecting a gas leak. 
  5. White Mist or Fog – A cloud of mist or fog around your home is a big sign of a gas leak in the residence. If you see a cloud of mist or fog often, it means that you have a ruptured gas line. If there’s such a problem, call your gas company immediately. You can also get in touch with Plumbing Gordon Company and discuss your problem with us. 

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